"Inventive and extremely funny." - The New York Times (Critic's Pick)

"A trio that boasts a slew of bona fides...The polished set of plot-driven sketches lived up to expectations...showcasing a slyness few teams can pull off." - TimeOut Chicago

"The boys of Boat quickly push the ideas in their smart and physical sketches to extreme places." -TimeOut New York (Critic's Pick)

They "continually amaze with their innovative and hilarious sketches. You may not have heard of them, but you'll never forget them." - SF Weekly

"Comedy was their second language. Humor was in their DNA...The trio was so quick, clever and playful that I felt I was being swindled at three-card monte." -

"Confident demeanor, distinctive faces, great rhythm and timing...Theirs is the type of comedy that cracks me up: 60 percent crass, 40 percent inventive." -Chicago Tribune